Hi there, welcome to my blog!

I’m Tina Strange and I’m a crafter, full time employee, part time student, 24/7 mess-er, wannabe writer, craft supplies and book hoarder.

What is my craft? It depends… I have a lot of ideas -“too many!” says my bank card- and very little time, I love creating and be creative and trying new things, but unfortunately some of my projects end up in the box of unfinished projects (it’s not an actual box, they reside all around my house) with several unmatched socks and gloves.

Where do I get my ideas? Mostly from the Interwebs and then I add my own touch, but also walking and watching around (yes, I’m that creepy girl staring at your hand knitted jumper).

What will you find in this blog? Hopefully ideas for your next project! I will post pictures and descriptions of what I’m doing, and also materials and sources that inspired me or were used to create.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading about my crafty Pindaric flights.