It has been a while since the last post, but I’m not ready yet to put my short-lived blog into the box of unfinished projects. I have a list of posts I want to write in a special page in my bullet journal, but with this academic year nearing the end, I have been spending a lot of time writing assignments instead.

But this week was a long weekend in Ireland – don’t you love when on Saturday it feels like Sunday and instead you still have another Sunday waiting for you? I wish I could feel that again today… yeah yeah, I’m never happy! Anyway, let’s focus on the topic of this post: The Beauty and the Beast, new live action movie!

I saw it on Friday and I really enjoyed it, funnily enough I was surprised to realize all the songs were the same as the animated movie (doh?!?). It’s a movie that belongs to my childhood, way back in the 90s, when it took a couple of years after the cinema release for a movie to be available for home viewing in VHS. I’m not big into Disney princesses, I’m definitely more like the Beast, but I love period costume movies -among my several hobbies there’s sewing-, and as soon as I saw Belle’s blue dress, I thought: “Challenge Accepted!”. So, here we go, a new project to add to my box of unfin… ehm… ongoing projects!

Realistically, it’s not going to start any time soon, at least not until I’m done with exams… However, as cosplay and dressing up is something I enjoy, both the making and the wearing parts, I want to go through the memory lane of my dressing up adventures in this post. This is a list of costumes I’ve made so far, but I’m so good at evading pictures that I’ve almost none to add with me in, so took some new shots today…*

  • Lust from Full Metal Alchemist for my 30th birthday party: my very first cosplay and probably the first thing I sewn after getting the sewing machine.

    Details from the bodice of Lust’s dress. I couldn’t find the gloves anymore…
  • Goddess Diana for a Halloween-theme party about Gods and Deities.

    The costume included a skirt and a long piece of fabric drape around and held with a pin. The quiver turned out to be a handy bag for the costume.
  • Batwoman for a hen party. Not much of a sewing project here, more an upcycling one: a red belt, black leggings, Penney’s black top on which I painted the logo, and a mini cape done with scraps of red and black fabric attached to the top with pressure buttons.

    It’s been hiding in a drawer for years :S
  • A Creepy Doll for the office Halloween party: this was done with clothes from my Gothic Lolita period and loads of makeup.
  • Princess Leia for a Cosplay party. It was a plan B costume as I didn’t have time to make my plan A one (see below). I had some leftover (like about 2 or 3 meters) of white fabric from Diana’s costume and sewed it in a couple of hours following this post from Pam’s and Scott’s Costume Creations. Oddly enough, it’s my more recent creation but I can’t remember where it is…

Among the list of costumes done, a couple of ones for other people:

  • Goku for my little bro for my 30th birthday party: it looked good, but we had some trouble with his hairdo.
  • Jedi cape for Princess Leia’s plus one at the cosplay party following this tutorial.

Now, let’s move on to the list of ideas waiting to see the light:

  • Roller Derby Harley Quinn: this was my Plan A at the cosplay party, I have the material, including pads and helmets as I play derby.
  • The Corpse Bride: the white fabric intended for this was used in the Princess Leia, but I still have the bride corset I found in a second hand shop for a couple of euro.
  • Latest addiction: Belle Emma Watson’s blue dress! No material or even sketches, but as soon as it starts, I’ll blog about it. I’m expecting it will be long and complicated…

Now, you must be wondering how the heck this happened, I thought this started with the movie and now it’s a list of characters?! Welcome to the world of my mind, in which we leap like frogs from an idea to another 🙂

*I have a few, but they are not taken by me and I don’t want to share other people’s pictures without permission.