And it’s finally done! I’m quite pleased with it even thought it is not perfect and there was a tiny mistake that costed me a few points of my nerd membership. More details on this later, after a short moment of self-gloating *extremely smug face*

Ok, now that my ego is satisfied, let’s move on to the details of these craft adventure. Aside for some little adjustments, I followed three tutorials of the Bookbinding University from Damask Love:

  1. How to Make a Hard Cover
  2. How to Make a Text Block
  3. Creative Add-Ons


  • Canvas painted in my previous post
  • Scissors and ruler
  • White paper sheet
  • Colored card
  • PVA glue
  • Big brush
  • Some leftover cord

This part of the project is divided in three parts: first, “binding” (you’ll understand why I’m using quotes shortly) together the three notebooks; second, adding the inside cover to the journal; and third, joining the brick-journal to the painted canvas. The latter step stressed me a bit, but I managed it without messing up (too much).

First, the fake-binding

  1. I got three little notebooks from Amazon – I’ll spare you the details on how and why, that’s for another post- to ensure I had enough pages for 2017 and I needed to join them to pursue my master plan. notebooks
  2. That meant removing the cover, I felt a bit bad because they are really cute, but I kept them to up-cycle them in something else. I’ve used a paper cutter and that was the result.

    The first picture is me trying to look all crafty-bloggy like.

  3. The next step would have been to create the text block following Damask Love’s tutorial How to Make a Text Block, but just when I was about to do it, I realized my three notebooks needed to become one. So, after a moment of loss and desperation, the light bulb sparked in my brain and I joined them using a paper band.img_6644
  4. The piece of paper is 1″ larger than the spines of the 3 books together, so put some glue on one of the side about 1/2″ and put it on the first notebook. Then, I aligned and blocked under Willy and glued the rest it carefully to the spine and to the side. img_6646
  5. I let it overnight to dry, after discovering with distress that I had locked myself out of my bullet journal and I couldn’t document the progress. Just in case, I left a note to tomorrow’s myself.img_6648
  6. The morning after, I had a big brick-journal.img_6652

Second, the inside cover

  1. With my new triple-notebook all glued and dried, I proceeded to add the inside cover following Damask Love’s Tutorial How to Make a Text Block  at 16:32 – Adding Cover Pages to the Text Block.Inside Cover - Bullet Journal
  2. I gathered my supplies: ruler, scissors, glue, a brush, the cord, a sheet of white paper and a sheet of bordeaux card. I really like this color, it fits with the dark cover really well!
  3. I followed step by step the tutorial, the pictures below show the headbands in the making and the cover applied.
  4. After a night of drying under my faithful Willy, this was the result. It looked nice, but the suspicion that the card was to thin started showing.16358518_10212237634639087_1036789887_n

At last, it all came together

  1. The tutorial How to Make a Hard Cover was so clear and I followed it devoutly. I didn’t find the cardboard she mentioned in the video: it was either too big, too expensive or too many, so I resorted to use the cardboard at the back of two notebooks. Everything can be re-purposed – said the hoarder.
  2. I let it dry overnight again and this was the result in the morning. I admit I went to check it even before having my coffee 🙂16295725_10212237641559260_817879842_n
  3. Finally, I attached the cover to the journal and a few hours after I had a really nice journal with… a mistake in the cover! Can you see it?
    I was really blinded by love because I stared at it for hours and didn’t notice until it was pointed out in a Facebook group. Luckily, it was a quick fix with a bit of gold paint and now I’m the proud owner of a custom-made Harry Potter bullet journal!

Few final thoughts

There are a couple of imperfections:

  • the bordeaux paper was too thin or too much glue was used, so the inside is a bit wrinkly and some of the first page stuck to it.
  • one corner of the canvas is not perfectly folded so the cardboard is visible.16244420_10212237646239377_745604951_n

And a couple of extra-features to keep in mind that would be nice to have:

  • ribbon page markers, but they should have been added before the headbands.
  • ribbons to wrap around to close it, but it would have involved some cutting of the canvas and some more brain work…

Overall, I loved working on this, I must admit I’d been staring at it a lot, and caressing the cover, and… OK, yeah, I’m weird… don’t judge me! But it feels like having a real hard cover book that will tell your own story. I will enjoy at the end of 2017 to go through the pages as I’d be reading a novel.

Anyway, time to wrap this up and move on to the next project, which is still undecided: keep an eye on my Instagram to see what I’m messing around with on a daily basis. Before leaving, here two details from the finished book.

Hope you enjoyed the read and that this post may inspire you!