Tina Strange’s Dark Arts

Too many ideas, not enough time!

Il Tempo Delle Mele 2.0

A bit of a warning is needed, nothing triggering, but I grew up in Italy so if something sounds odd in English you'll know why. The title of this post means The Time of the Apples. No, I'm not drunk... Continue Reading →


Ode To Solitude

I'm one of those freaks you'd see drinking a pint and reading a book or eating on their own. It's a blessing and it's a curse. I can spend a full day or even more without uttering a word. It... Continue Reading →

Make Nine 2019 – Project 2: Loose Tops

I've been sewing quite a lot recently. A bit because I enjoy it and a bit because I want to buy as less as possible but still look cool. Project 2 from my Make Nine challenge was a loose top.... Continue Reading →

Ops… I did it again…

And no matter how much I promised myself I'd be more diligent in posting, I wasn't and it's been 3 months since the last one. Will I ever change? Not likely. That doesn't mean I was idle and completed a... Continue Reading →

A New Sewing Project & An Introvert’s Social Battery

Project 2 of Make Nine 2019 is underway: a loose top to show off my aerial-ish shoulders! I've been working out a lot recently, and my ego is exploding; but I've also been going out a lot, and my head... Continue Reading →

Make Nine 2019 – Project 1: Shiny Leggings

Starting with a bang! The first project was started soon after the Nine were selected thanks to a sneaky cold that went from half-assed to full-fledged over the weekend. And since the fabric was already out for the pictures, and... Continue Reading →

I Challenge Thee…

Happy New Year! It's already the 5th day of the 2019, I'm still in a pretty good mood and a head full of projects... and a challenge. I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, huddled beneath my duvet, when I... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Xmas Future – A Xmas Blog Story – Part 3

We don't need a Ghost to showing us what the future will look like if we keep ignoring the problem: the hurricanes, raising sea level, the Great Pacific garbage patch, dry spells and wild fires, the future we are heading... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Xmas Present – A Xmas Blog Story – Part 2

Here we are, in the present day, ready to dig into the second part of my journey through this time of the year where the scones get swapped with mince pie. This second post is about mental health, mostly mine,... Continue Reading →

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