Tina Strange's Dark Arts

Inspirations from a nerd with too many ideas and not enough time

Confessions of a Lame Idiot

I went ice skating on Friday and this happened... I And I got to spend the weekend on the couch, reading and writing? Sounds awful, right?!? I survived, even though sitting on the couch was like parallel parking a... Continue Reading →


I did it!

It was yesterday, in the dead of night - it was actually 9 pm, although with the short winter days and my age, let's say: it was night, a cold and dark night, when I reached 50093 words written for... Continue Reading →

The Coffee is a Lie

I'm on a roll! Another post in less than a month! This one is about a small project I made for a friend's birthday gift and some of you should have already got the nerdy reference. I also tried to... Continue Reading →

Initiation to Photography

It is a sunny October Bank Holiday Monday in Dublin and, after spending my morning in trying to figure out some coding for my college assignment, I decided to venture out of my cave with my recently acquired DSLR.¬†However, before... Continue Reading →

The One Sock

I'm clearly not good at this blogging, or at least, I'm not consistent. I have plans, big plans, too many plans as well as too many ideas, interests, hobbies, books... But let's try again and write a new post about...... Continue Reading →

Golden Litter

I'm messy. Period. In the last year, after a friend introduce me to the Konmari method, I've been slowly applying it. Spoiler alert: everything sparks joy. I have to admit it works: my chest of drawers has never been so... Continue Reading →

I tried to sew stretchy fabric…

So, time to catch up on some scribbling about my latest crafty undertakings. Let's start with the first one I've completed already a month ago. I'm part of a roller derby team, Boomtown Rollers Dublin (check us out here) and... Continue Reading →

A Little Catch Up

This summer is going far too fast, and no holidays for me... After finishing the exams in one college, I started straight away a summer certificate, which is about to finish. However, I still found some time to work on... Continue Reading →

The Beauty and the Beast, or yet another cosplay idea…

It has been a while since the last post, but I'm not ready yet to put my short-lived blog into the box of unfinished projects. I have a list of posts I want to write in a special page in... Continue Reading →

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