Tina's Strange Dark Arts

Too many ideas, not enough time!

The Picture of Tina Strange

As every year, January is a sluggish month. Struggling to focus at work, going through brain fart to the other, such as closing my laptop, so putting it to sleep, while checking whether the headset was plugged in, and leaving... Continue Reading →


New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me? No, thank you. I'll keep the old one, I kinda like it. As almost everyone else, I've always been very bad at keeping New Year's Resolutions, I prefer to set goals, but I don't feel I... Continue Reading →

2017 In Review

I've been thinking what to write as a small introduction of this latest (and probably last) blog post of 2017, but I've no wise words to share about this time of the year. So let's get straight to the point... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Lame Idiot

I went ice skating on Friday and this happened... I And I got to spend the weekend on the couch, reading and writing? Sounds awful, right?!? I survived, even though sitting on the couch was like parallel parking a... Continue Reading →

I did it!

It was yesterday, in the dead of night - it was actually 9 pm, although with the short winter days and my age, let's say: it was night, a cold and dark night, when I reached 50093 words written for... Continue Reading →

The Coffee is a Lie

I'm on a roll! Another post in less than a month! This one is about a small project I made for a friend's birthday gift and some of you should have already got the nerdy reference. I also tried to... Continue Reading →

Initiation to Photography

It is a sunny October Bank Holiday Monday in Dublin and, after spending my morning in trying to figure out some coding for my college assignment, I decided to venture out of my cave with my recently acquired DSLR.¬†However, before... Continue Reading →

The One Sock

I'm clearly not good at this blogging, or at least, I'm not consistent. I have plans, big plans, too many plans as well as too many ideas, interests, hobbies, books... But let's try again and write a new post about...... Continue Reading →

Golden Litter

I'm messy. Period. In the last year, after a friend introduce me to the Konmari method, I've been slowly applying it. Spoiler alert: everything sparks joy. I have to admit it works: my chest of drawers has never been so... Continue Reading →

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