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I Challenge Thee…

Happy New Year! It's already the 5th day of the 2019, I'm still in a pretty good mood and a head full of projects... and a challenge. I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, huddled beneath my duvet, when I... Continue Reading →


The Ghost of Xmas Future – A Xmas Blog Story – Part 3

We don't need a Ghost to showing us what the future will look like if we keep ignoring the problem: the hurricanes, raising sea level, the Great Pacific garbage patch, dry spells and wild fires, the future we are heading... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Xmas Present – A Xmas Blog Story – Part 2

Here we are, in the present day, ready to dig into the second part of my journey through this time of the year where the scones get swapped with mince pie. This second post is about mental health, mostly mine,... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Xmas Past – A Xmas Blog Story – Part 1

It's that time of the year again. Exam period! Yeah, that too, but I'm mostly referring to the festive season. As a disclaimer, it's not my favourite time of the year for several reasons that ranges from personal to apocalyptical... Continue Reading →

Marikondo My Way

You have probably heard about Marie Kondo and her sparking joy method. A friend introduced it to me a couple of years ago and, I wouldn't say change my life, but it made a difference in the self-perpetuating chaos of... Continue Reading →

Back from College Hell

... at least for a few hours. So, just to sum up my last month: I started NaNoWriMo but had to give up 3 days later when I received the new assignment. Since then, I've been spending every free moment... Continue Reading →

To NaNoWriMo or not to NaNoWriMo?

National November Writing Month, also know as NaNoWriMo, is starting tomorrow and, after last year's positive experience, I was ready and excited to give it another try, because yeah, my unpublished and unedited novel needs a sequel. I was actually... Continue Reading →

The Leggings Project – Part 2b: Finishing Up

This project has been the Oliver Twist of craft blogging: four posts for one project and, supposedly, a quick one. But, alas, life can be busy and an Assignment from Hell kept me quite... ahem... entertained, so I haven't been... Continue Reading →

The Leggings Project – Part 2a: Cutting&Sewing

WordPress is telling me that it has been already 14 days since my last post. Life has been sort of busy: work, college, social gatherings, working out, a new tattoo, so I made very little progress on the leggings, but... Continue Reading →

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